Original wooden jewels, interior ornaments
utilities ornaments by silver and precious stones

About the Products

I work all the pieces using the following procedure: I use a machine to prepare a rough shape, if this is necessary, although some already have their shapes from nature and these items are the ones that are most precious to me. I subsequently decorate the pieces – I set them with silver (and sometimes even copper) wire, while I have also experimented with stainless steel. I subsequently sand and polish the items before then finishing the surface so that it is incredibly shiny, but smooth at the same time.

  I prepare a product for polishing by sanding it by hand, using sandpaper with a grit grade of 6-8. Polishing is then the last operation to be carried out. This is done using shellac varnish with linseed oil. This multilayered coating of natural resin creates an extremely fine surface, which feels very pleasant against the palm of one’s hand. In this way, the patterns in the wood stand out, but the eye is also able to penetrate to remarkable depths.  


Jewellery has to be protected against water, because if a drop of water remains on the surface, it creates a stain. Consequently, if the jewels are treated occasionally with oil (e.g. earrings, necklaces), they can cope with fine rain. Nevertheless, the skin around necklaces will also appreciate the jewellery being treated (i.e. being greased with olive oil)...

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