Original wooden jewels, interior ornaments
utilities ornaments by silver and precious stones

About the Author

Use this brief overview to become acquainted with the work of an artist whose products are on offer on our website.

As of 1998, the artist began to immerse himself in studying tattooing and painting. This resulted in his working for several years at Karlovy Vary’s RED ZONE tattoo studio.

In 2003, he began cooperating with a Zvolen designer in Slovakia (where he lived) in the production of remarkable furniture with an unconventional appearance. Since that time, he has actively intensified his relationship with this beautiful material (i.e. wood), whilst striving to preserve and use the original, natural shape and structure of the components that comprise the resultant product (as well as in combination with solid carved wood). It was therefore only a small step for him to start focusing on small items of jewellery and ornaments that adorn the human body and its most intimate surroundings.

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